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The Clinic

The clinic is located at 925 Coal Ave. SW, on the northeast corner of Coal and 10th Streets. Clinic hours are 10 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Parking is available behind the clinic off of 10th Street and along the west side of 10th and the north side of Coal.


A Little History

exterior before renovation, click to view larger imageinterior before renovation, click to view larger imageThe clinic location at 925 Coal SW borders the Barelas and Raynolds neighborhoods. These are some of the oldest and most diverse neighborhoods in Albuquerque. It is also an area that has seen a good deal of change in the last few years.

interior during renovation, click to view larger imageexterior during renovation, click to view larger imageThe 925 Coal SW location has been many things over the years: an EEOC office, low-rider T-shirt shop and a cabinet making shop, among other things. Dr. Unverzagt hired a neighborhood architect, Jon Anderson (www.jonandersonarchitect.com), to update and modernize the building and to turn it in to a clinic. The intent was to open up the space and increase the amount of natural light inside to create a lively but comfortable space for both working and visiting.

interior after renovation, click to view larger imageexterior after renovation, click to view larger imageDr. Unverzagt and Mr. Anderson have included not just exam rooms and offices but also, a community/group meeting room for facilitating exchanges between and among patients. There is also an art space inside the clinic to provide unique opportunities for patients to address their health concerns. Each of the design elements was scrutinized from the perspective of health — the light, the colors and the furnishings as well as the safety of the materials used in the renovations. For instance, they have used low VOC products in the paints, varnishes, cabinets, etc. They also have attempted to take a "green" approach to building construction and operation — 90% of the building's electricity comes from renewable sources.

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