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Medicine@Downtown is the innovative primary care practice of Dr. Mark Unverzagt. The goal of this practice is to combine the highest quality primary care with a unique, creative setting reflective of the diversity in a dynamic and historic part of Albuquerque.

Medicine@Downtown is not just a medical office that is new to the community. It is a new type of Primary Care practice that takes a unique approach to patient well-being and medical treatment. Dr. Unverzagt offers the excellent care in a bright, stimulating environment where patients are encouraged to explore their own creativity. Dr. Unverzagt strives to foster the development of strong doctor-patient relationships with all of his patients.

meeting area of clinicDr. Unverzagt's patients are attended to according to their individual needs, without the limited appointment times that cause patients to feel more like they are being processed than treated. He employs an integrated treatment strategy, with an emphasis on comprehensive chronic disease management and the preventative benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

More Information

For more information about Dr. Unverzagt's practice, please see "Answers to Frequently Asked Questions" on the faq page. Currently, no new patients are being accepted. If you would like to be put on a waiting list, please contact Dr. Unverzagt at info@medicinedowntown.com. If you are a first time patient, please call 505-246-1670 or email the office at info@medicinedowntown.com to make an appointment. Dr. Unverzagt's hours and the Medicine@Downtown address are listed on the contact page. Also, if you are an established patient and wish to schedule an appointment online, you may do so on the contact page.

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